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Plastic chain FMX system 85 mm, stainless


The stainless FM system’s high product quality and compatible design will make it easy for you integrate with existing aluminum conveyors.
The conveyor beam consists of two stainless half beams joined by spacers every 500 mm.
Different standard FM chains and accessories have been selected to this range. If you miss any specific items, please refer to our standard conveyor catalogue for further information.

Application areas

The stainless FM conveyor system is ideally suited for handling packaged products, plastic bottles, RTI containers and glass bottles.
The open design guarantees quick and easy cleaning within the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Technical characteristics

Chain width: 83 mm
Chain pitch: 33,5 mm
Beam width: 85 mm
Stainless material: SS 2333
Max chain tension: 1250 N
Max drive unit traction: 1250 N

Operating conditions

Max conveyor speed: 60 m/min
Product widths: 40 to 300 mm
Max conveyor length: 35 m
Max horizontal item weight: 15 kg
Max total horizontal weight: 220 kg
Max vertical item weight: 10 kg
Max total vertical weight: 70 kg

Allowed chain tension

The diagram below shows the allowed chain tension as a function of the conveyor length.

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