Palettsystem 85
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Pallet FM system 85 mm, aluminum

The FM pallet handling components are designed to provide sturdy components, reliable functions and compact single strand conveyor layouts.

Application areas
The FM pallet system is ideally suited for handling of medium weight products.
The sturdy conveyor, pallet and side support designs, combined with flexible pallet sizes enable custom made solutions in demanding environments.

Flexibla palettstorlekar
The smallest FM pallet size is 175Ă—160 mm, and the largest size is 380Ă—300 mm. Three standard sizes are available, but pallets can easily be tailored to suit for each product.

Tekniska egenskaper paletter
Min pallet length: 175 mm
Max pallet length: 380 mm
Min pallet width: 160 mm
Max pallet width: 300 mm
Max pallet load: 15 Kg
Max weight / pallet stop: 200 kg

Pallet loading
It is very important that the combined center of gravity of the fixture and the handled product itself, are located inside a 30 by 140 mm rectangle on the center of the pallet.

Standard solutions
Standard solution for pallet stop, guide rails, pallet transfer, drip catchers and diverter /merge kits allow for competitive and reusable layouts.

Highway and satellite modules
In addition to this are standard highway and satellite designs available for easy integration of work stations and automated robot cells.

RFID tags and control systems
All pallets are prepared for RFID tags, allowing high automation levels and easy integration of control systems.

Monitoring systems software
Please contact PTE for more information regarding monitoring systems software, which is available through our automation partner network.

Operating conditions
Max conveyor speed: 25 m/min
Max conveyor length: 25 m
Max total horizontal weight: 200 kg

Operating temperatures
The FM pallet system is designed to operate in temperatures between – 20° and + 60° Celsius.


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