System FB – 295 mm
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Plastic chain FB295 system 295 mm, aluminum


The FB295 system’s high product quality and proven design will make it easy for you to build systems as well as extensions or order spare parts to existing installations.

Application areas

The FB295 conveyor system is ideally suited for handling a range of wider packaged products without the need for changing the guide rail settings.
The overlapping chain design makes it also suitable for soft and shrink-wrapped products.
In addition, it provides extra operator safety, especially together with the outer slide rail that encloses the side of the chain as well.

Technical characteristics

Chain width: 1293 mm
Chain pitch: 33,5 mm
Beam width: 175 mm
Max chain tension: 1250 N
Max drive unit traction:1250 N

Operating temperatures

The conveyor is designed to operate in temperatures between – 20° and + 60° Celsius.
Short-term exposure up higher temperatures (max + 80° Celsius) are possible.

Please contact PTE Conveyors™ to discuss further.

Operating conditions

Max conveyor speed: 40 m/min
Product widths: 200 to 500 mm
Max conveyor length: 35 m
Max horizontal item weight: 15 kg
Max total horizontal weight: 220 kg
Max vertical item weight: 10 kg
Max total vertical weight: 70 kg

Allowed chain tension

The diagram below shows the allowed chain tension as a function of the conveyor length.