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Your production in safe hands

PTE Conveyor ™ provide services, support, tools and spare parts to protect your investment and ensure overall efficiency throughout the life of the equipment.
When you work with us you can choose from a selection of service:

  • Inspection
    We offer inspection of the facility, analysis of operating conditions, recommend service and service plan for preventive maintenance and keeps the customer training.
  • Preventive maintenance
    Normally occurs 1 times / year.
 General review of all parts as well as a specific inspection of the slide rail, chain and wear parts in the drive. A protocol established with suggestions.
  • Support
    Continuous improvement of products is done and we provide support as long as the customer wants. We offer in addition to reliability and availability of prompt delivery of our parts.
  • Safer transport service
    Our carriers have excellent durability and can withstand long periods without any real service. But of course, affected the system of environmental and load. Obviously becoming even better with regular, scheduled service. It also means that production will increase security, the entire system lasts longer and safer. We therefore offer our customers to sign a service agreement. Service intervals are determined specifically for each installation in consultation with the client. With a service, maintenance can be handled during a planned outage and to prevent unplanned interruptions in production. We can also plan services in a timely manner and provide better service. Production Security increases. Contact us with an inquiry, and please mention that it is a service.