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Brochures and technical information

Normally, a transport of a drive, curves, leg, profiles and transitions. The components can be combined in various ways. This makes it easy to modify the system for goods of various sizes and weights, speeds and spaces. Conveyor systems are available in 7 different widths and are made of anodized aluminum or stainless steel.


FS – 45 mm

FL – 65 mm

FM – 85 mm

FH – 105 mm

FB 140 mm

FB 175 mm

FB 295 mm

FK – 105 mm Heavy load

Pallet system

Pallet 85 – Light duty

Pallet 105 – Hevy duty


FMX – 85 mm

FHX – 105 mm


FC – Structural system

CA – Conveyor accessories

TI – Technical information