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Space saving and careful handling is the key

PTE Conveyor ™ has extensive experience in delivering solutions for production logistics in the food and beverage industry.
Whether your goods in cartons, metal cans or plastic bottles, we have the solutions.

We help you to increase the capacity and ability to meet the changing needs of the market.
We offer solutions for transport, buffering, splitting and merging. Delivery form is up to you and can be components, standardized modules or turnkey projects.

Our conveyors are available in aluminum and stainless steel. The solutions are simple to construct, install, integrate into machines and eventually modify and redesign your needs.
You can choose to transport at high altitude to maximize available floor space and makes it easy for the operator to have access to machines and handling equipment. With speeds up to 60 m / min and with a dynamic speed control, you get a well balanced line also provides a reduction in power consumption.
Last but not least, our solutions take care of your operators. Our specially designed equipment delivers industry-leading low noise, high security and good working conditions.